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For many people, massage represents a way to relax, pamper themselves and enjoy a bit of luxury. For many others, however, massage does far more -- it actually serves as an important tool for pain relief, healing, rehabilitation and wellness. Massage therapy provides an all-natural, drug-free, non-invasive method for enhancing the effectiveness of other forms of conservative care. That's why we offer Lincolnton massage therapy here at Lincoln Chiropractic: Chronic Conditions & Wellness Center

Muscles and connective tissues are the structures that make bodily motion possible. Muscles work by contracting and relaxing to move the bones to which they're attached via ligaments. But a variety of problems can interfere with this action, from acute sprains and strains to tiny micro-tears that have formed adhesions of scar tissue, limiting muscle fiber function. Chronically tight muscles can go into spasm, which in turn can impinge nearby nerves to create all kinds of unpleasant symptoms and health issues.

Why Our Chiropractors in Lincolnton Prescribe Massage

Massage therapy is the manipulation of those tissues to help them overcome injury or dysfunction. The right technique or combination of techniques can loosen the muscles and make them more pliable. Our chiropractors in Lincolnton, Dr. Denman and Dr. Buckingham, may prescribe massage alongside spinal adjustments to facilitate and reinforce those adjustments for optimal long-term results. Massage also relieves muscle pain, boosts blood flow and stimulates immune response, making it a useful treatment for acute injuries, chronic pain conditions, headaches, migraines, hypertension and stress-related ailments.

Massage Therapy Services We Offer

We provide several different kinds of massage therapy, each of which has its own distinct benefits in helping you feel better and function optimally. These techniques include:

  • Swedish massage - Swedish massage manipulates tissues and blood vessels near the skin, enhancing circulation, relieving pain and banishing stress. This technique also relaxes the large muscle groups and relieves edema (swelling), making it useful for injury recovery or as a supportive treatment during pregnancy.
  • Deep tissue massage - Deep tissue massage is more forceful than Swedish massage, although we only administer it to the patient's tolerance. It's used to manipulate deeper levels of tissue, treat chronic muscle tension and release adhesions.
  • Trigger point therapy - Trigger point therapy focus on relieving the stubborn muscle knots called trigger points. These knots are so named because they trigger referred pain signals to other, sometimes quite remote areas of the body. Again, we limit our use of this technique to your tolerance level.
  • Neuromuscular (NMT) therapy - Neuromuscular (NMT) therapy is a set of manual protocols for finding and correcting areas where muscles are compensating for alignment problems or other musculoskeletal abnormalities such as nerve entrapment and trigger points.


Can Our Lincolnton Massage Therapy Help You?

Find out for yourself whether our Lincolton massage therapy services can have a major positive impact on your health and comfort. Call us today to schedule a consultation with our chiropractors in Lincolnton!


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