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Few events are more devastating than an auto accident. Even if you're able to walk away from it, you may be suffering from neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, lower back injury, a car seat belt injury or any other common auto accident injury. Even if you feel all right, you could be harboring injuries that secretly grow worse and worse before suddenly hitting you with delayed symptoms. The good news is that if you need auto accident injury treatment, our chiropractors in Lincolnton NC, at Lincoln Chiropractic PC can provide it.

Understanding Your Injuries In Lincolnton NC

You don't have to be traveling at high speeds to sustain an auto accident injury. Anything as heavy as a vehicle generates a lot of momentum, and when all that momentum is brought to a sudden stop, strong forces can throw you around like a rag doll. Even if you're wearing your 3-point seat belt restraint, the shoulder that isn't held back may fly forward to cause what we call a car seat belt injury -- twisting your trunk, straining your vertebral joints and allowing discs to shift position onto sensitive nerve roots. The forces of the accident may affect your spine all the way down to the lumbar region, and a misalignment in this area may pinch the sciatic nerve, causing sciatica and leg pain, numbness and tingling. Seatbelts save your life and a face injury; however they can actually increase the injury to our neck and spine.

If the "protected" part of your spine can sustain that kind of damage, you can imagine the threat to your cervical spine. Whiplash is a common outcome. As your head flies forward and backward, the cervical may lose their correct alignment. Herniated discs in the neck may cause arm and hand pain, numbness or tingling. Damaged muscles cause severe neck pain and stiffness. Your symptoms may be topped off by headaches, nausea, dizziness, depression, jaw pain and ringing in the ears.

Treating Your Auto Accident Injuries

Rely on us for fast, natural non-surgical treatment for auto accident injuries in Lincolnton NC. Whether you feel injured or not, you need to schedule a spinal exam so we can properly examine and perform x-rays if necessary to confirm that there are no signs of misalignment or disc trouble. If there are, our chiropractors Dr. Lori Blackley and Dr. Damon Blackley can perform chiropractic adjustments using traditional manual chiropractic and the NEW SIGMA/ Pro-Adjuster to gently and comfortably re-align your spine.

Whiplash treatment generally includes soft tissue rehabilitation. Chiropractic adjustments are given in two gentle ways. The first being traditional manual adjustments while the second adjustment uses our new computerized SIGMA Instrument/Pro-Adjuster.  The SIGMA Instrument/Pro-Adjuster provides us with an analysis of the spine and gives a gentle tapping percussive adjustment without the twisting and popping for people that are sensitive, older with arthritis and /or with osteoporosis, who are in a lot of pain or just want a more relaxed treatment. Electrical muscle stimulation and corrective exercises can round out your whiplash treatment by helping you regain muscular strength and function. Our chiropractors can administer cryotherapy/ COLD to reduce pain and swelling and Hydroculator Packs /HEAT to increase mobility and stretching. These therapies are just as helpful for other parts of your spine and body (shoulders, wrist, knees and ankles).

Call Us to Schedule Your Auto Accident Injury Treatment at Lincoln Chiropractic PC

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