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Chiropractor Lincolnton NC Lori Blackley Using Pro Adjuster

Chiropractors in Lincolnton NC at Lincoln Chiropractic PC offer the Sigma Instruments/Pro-Adjuster chiropractic device for gentle locating and correcting of spinal subluxations. It is safe for children and adults and can even be used on individuals with arthritis.

Sigma Instruments/Pro Adjuster Benefits In Lincolnton NC

• Safe for kids and adults
• Instant computer readouts
• Subluxations found and corrected with precision

The Sigma Instruments/Pro Adjuster offers precise diagnosis and adjustment of misalignments in the spine. As the device is placed against each vertebra, it sends a vibration through the skin that echoes off the bone. The echo is read by the machine and translated into human-readable graphs and bar charts on a nearby computer screen, letting our chiropractors know which vertebrae are misaligned. The same device can be used to perform adjustments.

This method of chiropractic diagnosis and adjustment is completely safe and pain free. Most individuals simply feel a series of vibrations as the vertebrae are gently manipulated back into their proper alignments.

How the Sigma Instruments/Pro Adjuster Works

Minor misalignments in the spine can cause back pain, headaches, loss of range of motion, and pain and tingling in the extremities. Chiropractic adjustments can correct misalignments and help the spine remain in its proper alignment.

Traditional chiropractic adjustments rely on the chiropractor's skill in determining which vertebrae are misaligned and then applying various forces to push those vertebrae back into alignment. The Sigma Instruments/ProAdjuster can make the diagnosis and treatment of spinal subluxations a bit more efficient. The Sigma Instruments/ProAdjuster is a handheld device that is used to determine which vertebrae in the spine are misaligned. The technology was first used by NASA to determine if the rivets on the space shuttles would survive leaving and reentering Earth's orbit.

The software and device have now been tweaked and designed to check and fix subluxations in the spine. Our chiropractors place the two pronged device against the vertebrae in your spine while you relax over a chiropractic chair with your back slightly curved. As each vertebra is tested via an electronic pulse, a graph appears on a nearby computer screen.

Vertebrae that are properly aligned and have the proper movement are shown as a bell curve on a graph or as a green bar on a bar chart. Vertebrae that are not properly aligned do not have a bell curve and show up as a yellow bar.

Once the misaligned vertebrae are located, the device can be set to deliver a slightly more forceful vibrating pulse to realign the vertebrae. The entire session does not involve any twisting, pushing or pulling of the extremities or spine. Many patients find it helpful in alleviating back pain and headaches and promoting movement of the spine.

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