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The HakoMed ProELEC DT 2000 was developed in Germany by Dr. Hansjurgens. The HakoMed makes use of Horizontal Therapy or the combination of specific bioelectric effects and specific biochemical effects in the same treatment area at the same time. Before the invention of Horizontal Therapy, such a combination of the therapeutic mechanism of action was impossible to achieve. Contact our experienced team to find out how our Lincolnton NC chiropractor can help you!

Benefits of Horizontal Therapy in Lincolnton NC

  • Increased blood circulation
  • Pain relief
  • Anti-inflammatory action
  • Nerve cell regeneration
  • Muscle stimulation

What to Expect

Leads are placed around the area to be treated.

The therapy technician will program the HakoMed and begin to increase the intensity output of the leads. At this point, you'll want to tell your technician when you begin to feel a tingling sensation so they can set your threshold level for treatment. It is important to note that everyone experiences this treatment differently, and based on the amount of degeneration in your nerves, you may not feel anything at all. This does not mean the therapy is not working.

Even without the physical sensation from the leads of the HakoMed machine, your nerves are receiving the frequencies during therapy. Depending on which protocol you are set up under, you may go through periods during the treatment where you feel the sensation more or less as different frequencies are conducted through the leads and into your body. This is normal. If at any time during the treatment you feel it is too intense, you may ask the technician to stop or try less intensity.

Upon completion of the protocol, the technician will take off each lead and you are free to go!


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