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Chiropractic Lincolnton NC Functional Neurology

We Provide an Accurate Analysis and Top-Notch Care at Lincoln Chiropractic PC. Our chiropractors in Lincolnton NC are committed to a holistic healthcare approach.

With specialty knowledge and application in functional neurology, chiropractic, regenerative therapies as well as person-specific nutrition, we use a variety of therapeutic techniques to develop a personalized and unique treatment plan for each patient.

Functional Neurology Specialty Practice in Lincolnton NC

Our chiropractors have purposed to help their patients beyond the scope of traditional chiropractic care through a diagnostic and specialized Functional Neurology approach. This form of care focuses on the health and performance of the brain, and how it interacts with the nervous system and actually the whole body.

The chiropractor will use a variety of tests to measure any abnormalities of the nervous system that promote faulty sensations, motor functions, thoughts, or abnormal posture. Since the brain controls every single function in the body through a feedback system to the brain, the treatment goal is to clear the broken or "static" communication lines between your brain and body thus, discouraging disease and pain while promoting and encouraging healing.

Natural Healing Is the Answer

Chiropractors in Lincolnton NC are committed to a holistic and natural approach to healing chronic and acute pain and inflammation in the body.

We know the body is a self-healing organism. When it's provided the optimal environment and correct tools, it knows how to heal, repair and restore itself back to wellness! Our goal is to help provide those options to our patients and clients through the True Cellular Detox™ program to support them on their healing journey.

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